Issue Two of Koru Mag is out now!

Koru Mag: Issue Two is out now! This issue is all about fan fiction, fan poetry, and non-fiction. Issue Two has poetry inspired by Harry Potter, The Legend of Zelda, and Sleeping Beauty. We have non-fiction about Star Wars, Voltron, Sleepy Hollow, and Teen Wolf. And lastly we have fiction inspired by Twilight and The Faraway Tree series. You can read the issue two (for free) here!

A huge thank you goes out to the following to Abigale C. Dagher for our beautiful cover. Next thank you to our wonderful editors for this issue Britt Pickett, Gabriela Martins, Jazzmin, Jennifer, Meleika, Sarah Beth Kolodziej, and T.W. Marszalek. Shout out to our copy editors Candice Richards, Sumudu, and Lila, y’all rock! Thank you to Aimal Farooq for doing the text for the cover and to the ever lovely Mairéad Asche Böttger for helping out with the layout. Special mentions goes to Alexa for agreeing to go over everything one more time and to Catherine Haines for doing all she could to help me out when I needed it. Koru Mag isn’t possibly without my team of people helping me out; thank you all so much!

I hope you enjoy issue two and I look forward to starting work on issue three!


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